• Mindful – A guided awe walk meditation. From 4/11/17
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  • CBS SF  – “Grab Some Binoculars, Go Outside And Look For The Catalina Comet… It’ll Be Good Your Health” -From 11/30/15
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 Class and Compassion

  • Huffington Post – “Rich lack empathy, study finds.” From 12/22/11
  • Daily Mail  –  “Poorer people quicker to show compassion to those in distress than the rich, researchers find.” From 12/21/11
  • Time – “Got money? Then you might lack compassion.” From 12/21/11
  • Paul Piff was selected to receive the First Place 2012 SPSSI Social Issues Dissertation Award for his dissertation, “On wealth and wrongdoing:  How social class influences unethical behavior.”

Class and Ethics

Films & other Media 

  • New York Times – “The Science of ‘Inside Out'” From 07/03/2015


  • USA Today – Gossiping may be good for you, study says. From 1/20/12
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